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Complete Your Home with Home Enhancing

with infinite possibilities for your  home


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"As we design for your 

home, we consider your

lifestyle, comfort, and 

feeling tone in creating
the space that you'll love.

We keep in mind (and heart) a common thread that reflects your personal style and vision from start to completion. Consider us to be your navigational system that transforms your home into something extraordinary. And that's what we do best." 

~ Marya Flurnoy, MSIG

Design Projects

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Our home-enhanced spaces bring in a touch of personal choices that celebrate the unique touch of your style being expressed.  

We include custom art, furniture, rugs and wall murals that create the feeling of "home" that carries your unique imprint of living.

 Beach Luxury and the Enhanced Space

The Enhanced Space: We combine Interior Design, Staging, and Feng Shui to create a space that you love and enjoy. For over 30 years Marya and her team have brought value and comfort to the Tampa Bay area, as well as New York, Miami, and North Carolina.  For class and certification contact our office at  [email protected]

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"I called Creative Design Team for a service call on my Hunter Douglas shades that came with the condo we had just purchased. Ron not only fixed the motorization, he adjusted all the other shades to. We were so pleased, we used Marya and Jackie to design our living room and master bedroom. 

My wife is happy, of course I am happy. 

Truly people of integrity and quality work." 

~ Dr. Frank

"We have contracted with Marya and Team to design and furnish our home and rental properties. We love the style and comfort, and most importantly working with genuinely sincere folks who have our best interest. Every detail was taken care of, from the designer knobs to the chandeliers. My draperies look like ball gowns, full and flowing. I can't say enough. I am very happy! Thank you!" ~R. L. Hudson

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"Let's see... We moved to Florida in 1994 when Ron and Marya furnished our lovely home in  Sand Key. And we were thrilled with our condo! Six years later,  we moved back to N.Y.  We sold the condo furnished, and got more than the asking price. Marya designed our N.Y. home,  which we stayed in for 7 years. Moving back to Fla., naturally our home was completed by CDT. Every home has been beautiful. Kudos to my design team." ~Maggie and Roger Kilminski

Interior's that Feel Good Inside!

      Creative Design ​Team