Coming Soon to St. Petersburg March 2019​

"Enhance the Space"

For Realtors, Homeowners, & Stagers

A completely different way of preparing your home for sale.

Includes: Design Conceptual Applications, Feng Shui, Marketing,

and book "Enhance the Space" by Marya Flurnoy.

Certified "Home Enhancing " classes starting March 2019

Level 1, 2 and 3

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to our 1 day workshop.

Home Enhancing Client Testimonial

"'Why isn’t this house selling?', I asked my friend Marya from the Creative Design Team. Open Houses and advertising by our Real Estate agent weren’t working for this updated house on Island Estates we had bought as an investment. Have you considered ‘enhancing’ it, she asked and how about Feng Shui? Let me come over and I’ll show you how to imagine the possibilities and what Creative Design can do. With nothing to lose and my curiosity piqued, Marya and her team showed up, walked through, explained the staging process and what Feng Shui could make happen.

 Within two weeks the house was furnished and decorated and looked so magnificent I wanted to keep it!

But it was an investment and at that point with Open Houses (both for the public and brokers) and two weeks of advertising, dozens of prospects were brought through. Everyone was ‘ooh-ing’ and ‘ahh-ing'. 

We actually had a bidding war over the sale and the house that now looked like a home sold to an Interior Decorator who fell in love with it when she walked through the door. 

Hmmm, maybe that was the Feng Shui working! Oh, yes, and by the way, The Creative Design Team is, as I write this, in the process of creating an “interior that feels good inside” at my new condo!

-Shelia Cole, Clearwater Beach