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Coffee, Sunshine, & Design

Blogging about design ideas, concepts and news while drinking coffee as the sun shines.

outdoor curtains

7 tips for Living inside-out 

published in "Harbor Bluffs Living Magazine" March 2019

1. This is the space where you can create an area to entertain, throw parties, and even have weddings. Use it wisely when creating the floor plan. Think of outside seating to watch the big game, cafe tables for outdoor dining, or a large dining table for the dinner party. Are there areas that can be cleaned up to create more space? How would you like to use your outdoor living room? Create space for games, cornhole, or miniature golf.

2. Consider where the sun shines and when. If the only space for the living room is in an open area with bright sunlight, consider building a cabana adorned with outdoor drapery fabric that is “sun-sational,” weather-resistant, and protects from bugs and harmful UV rays! Also available are solar shades that can be installed outdoors.

3. No place for the TV? A custom weather-resistant TV cabinet just might be the answer.

4. Remember, not all outdoor furniture is alike. Look for aluminum framing to ensure the resistance of rusting, and outdoor weatherproof cushions and fabric. Crypton® Outdoor fabric is one that we frequently use for outdoor sectionals. If a partygoer spills a drink, it simply beads up and wipes away.

5. Consider furniture made from cement, teak and bamboo to last.

6. Too hot? Consider misting sprays, fans and an outdoor portable AC unit.

Too cold? Choose from large selections of fire pit-coffee tables, an outdoor fireplace wall, or tall portable heaters.

No place for a kitchen? There are discreet ways of including outdoor refrigeration, coffee tables with ice bucket inserts, and outdoor console tables with gas stovetops.

7. The most important key to successfully creating an outdoor living room is asking yourself, "How do I plan on using it?" which will help dictate where to put the kitchen, seating, dining, and activity! Consider calling a designer for a space-planning session, that will assist you with budget, selections, and visioning the final results.

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For the love of......

seminole interior design, largo remodel, before and after

For the Love of Design

February 14th, 2019

One of my favorite design projects was a Rutenberg open floor plan home in Seminole. The completed design is a perfect example of eclectic style working beautifully. Interior Design is more than form and function—more than color and style. Rather, it’s about how individuals experience their space, and how it plays a role in the way they interact with their families, in day-to-day life, work, play and entertaining. How we express our interior space effects how we experience comfort—physically, visually and internally. The Internet and HGTV has introduced an abundance of interior ideas and “how-to” guides that can be confusing and overwhelming. Intentionality in how we choose to fill our space is a priority for complete and exceptional design...

(Click Here to continue reading our full article in Harbor Bluffs Living.)

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"Two - Zero - One - Nine is MINE!"

Refresh, Recharge, and Reorganize Your Home

Jan 1. 2019

2019 Refresh Forecast by Marya Flurnoy

Ready to refresh, recharge and reorganize your home for 2019?

2018 has been a bustling year in the local design world, with refurbishing and new construction occurring at every turn. The entire industry is doing the same—many manufacturers are reinventing and re-purposing furniture styles and themes. So, what is the Refresh Forecast for our Florida homes in the next year?

1. Neutral is still in; gray tones are being mixed with beige—“greige”. We are finding that bringing warmth to the gray brings balance to the space. Adding splashes of color is definitely in. I recommend allowing yourself to feel for your favorite color flavor, or as I call it “fave-lor”. Take a day to observe how you feel in different interior environments. Use your “fave-lor” in throws, accent coffee table pieces, and in your art.

2. Natural is in now more than ever. Live edge tables, driftwood accents, and natural wood trim and interior wall-scapes. Natural scrim fabrics add flowing life to window fashions. Cotton and linen have cozy, environmental options for bedding. We are not just becoming a society that cares about our planet, we are already there.

3. Simplify and magnify. From furniture styles to floor plans, we are moving towards contemporary, clean, simple lines. Whether you have a traditionally themed interior, mid-century style, or beach casual, the trend continues in simplifying our interiors, as it reflects our lifestyle. Once your home canvas has been simplified, we can magnify accents that we love...

(Click here to continue reading our full article in Harbor Bluffs Living.)

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Happy Everything!

 Nov. 2, 2018 

Christmas Open House - Sat. 12/8

Wine and Design   2-7 PM

Our Christmas Wine and Design Open House on Sat. Dec. 8th features Caroling Karaoke 2 to 4 PM

Wine, refreshments, and snacks will be served. Join our Silly (or Ugly) Sweater (/T-shirt/Costume...) Contest!

Prizes include: "Design Bedroom Refresh", Custom Painting by Marya, Design Goods Basket, Restaurant Gift Cards

(You do not need to be present to win. Winner announced at 7PM.)

We will be collecting teddy bears for the homeless children of RCS Grace House all week! 

Learn More

RCS Grace House Teddy Bear Drive

Thank you for all who contributed to our successful week-long stuffed animal drive, donated to the homeless Children of RCS Grace House.

We love spreading holiday cheer for all to hear with our Christmas Caroling Karaoke sponsored by Skye & Star!

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Happy Thanksgiving and Experiencing Bliss

November 1, 2018

 Many reason to be grateful!

   (Bringing in Sunshine)

Being in Bliss is a state of mind and a place of neutrality.

We all know that the holiday season can bring in extra energy, tasks and events. Even the "good" stresses and excitement seem to fill our days.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because I reflect on my gratitude for the simplest things in life. It brings me to a state of bliss. And from that state it seems to make it okay when the turkey is burnt, or the oven breaks down, or the guest list increases to 10 more an hour before dinner. I just start counting the blades of grass with appreciation. The feeling of bliss is easy to get to. The day is always pleasant.

I like to experience thanksgiving everyday. It certainly gives us a lot to smile about.

Wishing you a Bliss-filled Thanksgiving,

From Marya

and all of us at Creative Design Team

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Bluffs Business Association

Creative Design Team was delighted to host our November 2018 

Bluffs Business Association Networking Event & Mingle, which we coined our "Biz-Giving Celebration", where we acknowledged the outstanding 

contributors within our wonderful community.
We are so grateful to everyone who came out to celebrate with us, and 
to Village Inn Restaurants for catering our delicious Gourmet Tastings.

Creating a Man Den


November 1, 2018

 I love my Men's Den!

The first thing to understand is the difference between a “man cave” and a Men’s Den. The cave is a place for solitude and privacy, where your man goes to chill in his overstuffed hunter green recliner, unbothered. The Men’s Den is the modern answer to that cave. It’s a space that men are excited to invite the guys into for the game, or even invite us in for a movie night.

With new innovative design paired with the hottest bells & whistles, the Men’s Den has a sophisticated feeling. It’s a space he loves and is proud of...     (Click here to continue reading.)

Learn More

How it All Started

February 14, 2018

As any designer would share, we encounter different clients with unique needs and individual lifestyles. It makes life interesting. 

In my early career, I started noticing and feeling energy in the spaces that I was designing. Nothing "woo woo" here. I would simply get a sense about the space.

For instance, a home where empty nesters lived felt happy and sad. Happy because the family grew up together and had fun together, and now all the children are gone to college.  So the sadness was legitimate and certainly understandable. How was I to let my client know that the reason for her wanting to redo the house, was because the energy of sadness was over shadowing a perfectly happy and beautiful space? I didn't. 

I simply suggested we move some the furniture and replace the area rug, small accessories and living room window treatments.  I told my client that we could always come back and replace all the furniture after she gets a feel for the new pieces that we were replacing.

Fast forward, after final installation.  My client's words, "Marya I cannot believe how gorgeous and absolutely beautiful my house looks! And it feels so happy! Thank you!"

Though I would like to share the glory with a solution as simple as staging, I did a whole lot more.  It include Feng Shui, energy clearing and prayer. Yes, prayer. I wanted for my clients to only know the truth about their home and their family. That growth and change is mostly what life is about.  And that's a good thing.

Shortly after this project, I coined and now trademarked the term "Enhancing the Space" and "Home Enhancing". It's evolved into a book and we are offering certified classes.  I am grateful for what my interesting, and unique clients bring to me.  In every home there is an energy and heartbeat that can always be felt.

Making a Splash 

March 18, 2018

Thrilled that one of our projects made a splash in House Trends Magazine. 

Jamco Unlimited was featured for their the transformational kitchen remodel while our team designed the floor plan, color plan and theme plan.  It was amazing  to see how all components came together! Once we installed the furnishings and accessories the house became a home. This project was inspired by our beautiful Belleair Beach views, and our awesome clients sharing how and what they wanted their dream home to look and feel.     (Click here for a closer look.)